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Thursday, May 30, 2024:   Esri Imagery Solutions, Central Oregon Community College, Health Careers Building


2:00 UAS Workflow from Planning to Visualization  (Storymap presentation)
Presented by Ryan Richardson, Solution Engineer

2:45 ArcGIS Imagery Solutions
Presented by Kate Fickas, Imagery Management Solutions

3:50 Wrap up and final discussion

Wednesday, October 4, 2023:  COGIS Meeting, Deschutes Services Building

Thirty-four (34) members of the Central Oregon GIS User Group gathered at the Deschutes County Clerk's Office for an afternoon of informative GIS presentations and a fantastic tour of election operations. 


2:00 Introductions and Announcements

2:10 Levi Roberts and Jack Colpitt, Crook County
A collection of various open source and Esri based web stuff the Crook folks have been dabbling in.

2:30 Intro to Data Pipelines - John Sharrard, Esri
New technology for ArcGIS Online (and eventually for ArcGIS Enterprise)

2:50 Drone Imagery - Ryan Richardson, Esri
UAV Imagery Presentation focusing on how imagery from drones fit in the Esri stack of software

3:00 ArcGIS Experience Builder - Ryan Richardson, Esri
ArcGIS Experience Builder is a highly configurable and customizable solution that allows users to share their web apps online without writing any code. In this presentation you will gain insights on how to create an immersive web experience using Experience Builder’s interactive widgets, dynamic themes, media, and map integration. Learn what is new in ArcGIS Experience Builder and how to modernize and optimize your WebApp Builder apps to be viewed on any device. Leveraging pre-built templates and drag and drop functionality Experience Builder will bring your maps and apps together into one unified destination.

3:30 Tour of the Elections Operations within the County Clerk's Office
Steve Dennison, Deschutes County Clerk, provided a glimpse into how paper ballots are processed during an election. 

4:00 Networking Social

November 8, 2022:  COGIS Meeting, Downtown Bend Library

The Central Oregon GIS User Group joined forces with Bend's Reporting and GIS User Group for an afternoon of presentations and reconnecting in person.  About 40 people from around the region attended.


2:30 Welcome and Introductions - Colleen Miller and Ray Boone, City of Bend

2:40-3:00 Scott Layne and Robin Lewis, City of Bend – Web App Builder for Data Editing & Bicycle Infrastructure Planning   (Presentation and Demo)

3:00-3:15 Phillip Chi, USFS - Terrestrial Lidar  (Presentation)

3:15-3:30 Nancy Watson, City of Bend - Mapping in PowerBI   (Demo only, and it was awesome!)

3:30-3:35 Break

3:35-3:55 - John Ruffing, Esri - GIS for Equity and Social Justice  (Presentation and Links)

3:55-4:20 - John Sharrard, Esri - Build and Deploy Web Apps with Experience Builder  (Presentation)

4:30   Networking Social

July 14, 2021:  GIS Professionals/Students Meet-Up, Silver Moon Brewing

The Esri User Conference may have gone virtual again this year, but members of the Central Oregon GIS User Group took advantage of an opportunity to break away from the screen for an informal networking event.  A big thanks to ORURISA and NWGIS for sponsoring our event!

March 31, 2020:  Virtual "Mappy Hour", Go To Meeting

Following the Governor's recommendations to "Stay Home, Save Lives" the Central Oregon GIS Users Group  met virtually for an informal discussion.   Many of us shared the fun and interesting ways we're staying busy and how we're making lemons out of lemonade during these unprecedented times. 

John Ruffing from Esri joined us and provided some fantastic GIS resources for staying informed and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

One popular resource that many counties and states are using is the ArcGIS Hub page that can easily be created. There is a blog article describing how to create a Hub page.

There is a collection of apps that you can browse or search for topics of interest.   

Check out this infographic resource that displays demographic data by county for COVID-19 impact planning.  There is a website that will quickly generate code to embed in a website.

There are so many aspects of the Covid-19 situation that are related to geography, and all of us GIS Professionals can play a vital role in helping other departments (a) learn about GIS, (b) learn more about why geography matters, and (c) quickly deploying useful apps. We are finding that a lot of Health Departments have very little GIS understanding, experience, or skills and often don’t know what they don’t know, so are not reaching out to the GIS people since they really don’t know much about GIS. As a result we have repeatedly heard comments from our GIS users that “no-one is asking for their help!” This may or may not be the case where you are, but don’t assume that the Health Department know what to ask for!

I would encourage you to, as much as possible, use off-the-shelf apps (ArcGIS Dashboard, Survey123 are being used extensively), and ArcGIS Web AppBuilder for quickly building apps. I am seeing a LOT of apps for Covid-19.

Other Coronavirus Resources offered by Esri:

Whitepaper: Esri COVID-19 Location Allocation Analysis for Locating Testing Treatment and Surge Sites

July 16, 2019:  COGIS Meeting, Downtown Bend Library

Our summer 2019 COGIS meeting was attended by 28 individuals.


1. Introduction and Announcements – Colleen Miller, City of Bend

2. Overview of What's New from Esri - John Sharrard, Esri (Presentation)

3. Pondering the Health of Ponderosa Pine in a Warmer, Drier World - Charlie Schrader-Patton, RedCastle Resources/USDA Forest Service  (Presentation)

4. Vegetation Change Detection Using Satellite Imagery in Eastern Washington - Blair Deaver, Aspect Consulting (Presentation)

5. Intro to the GeoTechCenter and Highlights from GeoEd 2019 - Chris Wayne (GeoEd 2019 Website)

6.  Best Practices for Designing Effective ArcGIS Online and Enterprise Portals - John Sharrard, Esri  (Presentation)

7. Adjourn for COGIS networking event

February 8, 2019: HotApps, McMenamins Old St Francis School, Bend

On a cold winter's day in February, 47 attendees from around the region gathered in the Father Luke's Room to learn about new geo-enabled tools, apps, and hacks.  This full-day event featured 18 presentations, a hosted lunch, and a post-event social.  For details about the event and presentations given, see the HotApps event page.

November 14, 2017:  Fall COGIS Meeting, OSU Cascades Campus, Bend
We had some fantastic presentations and a great turnout of about 40 at our Fall 2017 meeting.


1. Introduction and Announcements – Colleen Miller, City of Bend

2. Welcome from our Host - Yong Bakos, Instructor of Computer Science, OSU Cascades

3. ArcGIS Pro (Migration, Training Resources, Q&A) - John Sharrard, Esri   (Presentation and Training Resources)

4. Cross Connection Identification and Regulation Using Collector for ArcGIS – Nick Skinner, Sunriver Water  (Presentation)

5. Providing Situational Awareness for the Oregon Solar Eclipse Using ArcGIS Online and Operations Dashboard – Shad Campbell, Deschutes County   (Presentation)

6. Seeds of Success: Using PhoneGap and Leaflet to Build Android Apps – Charlie Schrader, US Forest Service  (Presentation)

7. Adjourn for COGIS networking event

November 17, 2016:  Fall COGIS Meeting, Deschutes County Service Center, Bend

We heard from two Esri representatives on the latest ArcGIS solutions, as well as from a local GIS professional on the use of UAVs for mapping. About 40 people attended this meeting.  

John Sharrard from Esri gave an overview of ArcGIS Pro, the next generation desktop GIS application. 

Matt Twietmeyer from Esri described how to share your authoritative data with the public and find other open data for use in your GIS with the ArcGIS Open Data solution.

John Sharrard from Esri provided an overview of several applications that can bring efficiency to your field operations - Workforce, Navigator, Collector, and Survey 123.

Justin Healy from Real Geographics discussed how he is building and using UAVs to capture high-resolution DSMs and orthophotos on demand. He discussed current UAV capabilities and configurations, common UAV remote sensing applications, and the data precision and accuracy you can expect.

November 18, 2015: GIS Past to Present, Deschutes Service Center-DeArmond Room

Mike Tripp from the Prineville BLM office gave a presentation about mapping of Pleistocene Lakes of Central Oregon using GIS and GPS technology. 

Nancy Watson from the City of Bend Police Department discussed how GIS is used in crime analysis, pattern recognition and her day-to-day work.

Although not sponsored by COGIS, members were invited to attend the #MapNight event at BendTECH for an evening of maps, apps, drones, and general GIS mayhem.  This event drew more than 150 people who listed to presentations from SJ Camarata, director at Esri and long-term Bend resident, as well as from GIS start up founders Sam Lanier of FireWhat and Jereme Monteau of Trailhead Labs. ...details and more details

April 8, 2015: AGOL from all Angles

We had a series of presentation focused on ArcGIS Online as a framework to use to manage geo-spatial information for an enterprise organization.  About 50 people joined us.

Dave Snader from DAS explained the State’s program to provide AGOL to qualifying government agencies … Details

Ryan Miller from Ameri-title gave a presentation on using open source Mapserver to provide map services to be consumed by AGOL.  This offers an alternative of using an ArcGIS Server license or hosting with ESRI in their AGOL cloud …  details

Levi Roberts from Crook County presented about the implementation process of AGOL and some of trials and tribulations… details ; Examples

Josh Tanner from DAS, State of Oregon gave and introduction and some hands on tips about using the Web App Builder … details

June 10, 2014:  Central Oregon Community College GIS Capstone Presentation 

COCC students presented the final product of their Capstone project.  Topics presented included:

  • Revisions to COCC's shuttle route schedule due to new construction around the campus.
  • A new web application for students and staff of COCC utilizing AGOL.
  • Remapping of various features around campus in order to keep a current GIS during times of major construction.
More information on the Spring 2014 Capstone is available here.

April 9, 2014: GIS and Infrastructure Providers 

Part I:  Presentations @ Deschutes Services Building

  • Sosannah McHugh from Bend Broadband gave a presentation about their use of GIS in day to day operations.  details
  • Tiffany Turo from Central Electric Cooperative described their use of GIS.  details
  • Sean Handley from Bend Broadband gave an overview of their Bend data center.

Part II:  Tour of the Bend Broadband Data Center

December 11, 2013: Community GIS, Deschutes Services Building

We were treated to two presentations with lively discussions from the 24 participants.

  • Craig Miller, ONDA - The Oregon Desert Trail ... details
  • Chris Zanger, TNC - Assessing Forest Vegetation Restoration Needs ... details

Also we presented some cool and interesting maps for discussion:

What the world is good at – Corruption Perceptions Index

Community Lifestyle Maps

Dialect Survey Map

Hangout Map

Shift in economic center of gravity

Earthquakes since 1898

NFL Team Loyalty

Religion vs. Beer Tweets

7 Divisions of 1 Billion
Rubber Duckies


September 4, 2013:  Cartography Outside of ESRI, Downtown Bend Library

Local professionals showed us the tricks and tools used to create visually pleasing and informative maps outside of the normal Esri standard.  Presentations were given by:

  • Michael Fornalski, Amerititle ... details
  • Andy Zeigert, Bend Bulletin ... details

Here are some resources for software that can be used that are less expensive than Adobe ... details

April 10, 2013:  Web Mapping – Local Examples & Discussion, City of Bend Council Chambers

Local users showcased a number of web mapping applications that are currently in production.  Presentations were given by:

  • Len Waterman, Redmond Fire & Rescue: ArcGIS Online on iPads for emergency response and data collection
  • Charlie Schrader-Patton, U.S. Forest Service:  ArcGIS Server customization with JavaScript for weed and habitat modeling scenarios
  • Steve Dougill, Crook County - GeoMoose and the Oregon GeoMoose Consortium
  • Shad Campbell, Deschutes County - Deschutes County Property Information System (aka DIAL 2)
  • Ryan McAdler & Ben Rosas, Geospatial Solutions - GIS Direct, a SAAS solution built with JavaScript and Ruby on Rails
  • Dave Snader, Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office - GIS viewer for counties built with the Flex API

January 23, 2013:   Effectively Using ArcGIS Online in Your Organization Deschutes Services Building, DeArmond Conference Room

Shane Clarke and John Sharrard from Esri gave an overview on ArcGIS Online followed by a hands-on workshop.  About 50 people attended this meeting.

  • To find out more about ArcGIS Online for Organizations, check out these videos.... details    
  • Transform your Organization with ArcGIS Online Presentation … download
  • Transform your Organization with ArcGIS Online (Notes and online resources) … download
  • ArcGIS Online Workshop (Exercises) … download



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